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Golden Fleece Token ICO

Ethereum contract address: 0x5892bbbcb29d3b1051cd44c99db54d61b495d035
First stage of ICO will end in!


quantity in GFL - BTC, ETH, WAVES, USD, EUR and GEL

100,000,000 GFL
801,400 GFL
Current price $ 0.80
Change in 24 hours $ 0.00

White Paper

Invest in mining with absolute advantage!
Become Part of the legend!.





about project

The Golden Project
The Golden Fleece project anticipates to build cryptocurrency mining datacenter on the land of Colchis, at the Black Sea coast in Georgia.

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about ico

The Golden ICO
Of the total marketable 100 mln GFL (Golden Fleece token), 70 million will be sold in two stages of the ICO and one Pre-ICO stage.

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Golden Agreement with Poti Free Industrial Zone signed!

Date: 11 August - 2017

Golden Fleece (GFL) signs an agreement with the Poti Free Industrial Zone securing the 5000 m2 space for mega mining data center in the Free Industrial Zone on the land of Colchis! (See the document on the link )

As of today, the guaranteed electricity price per 1 kW/h is fixed to USD 0.053.

The myth of Argonauts comes true on the land of Colchis!

We do not collect gold in rivers using the fleece of golden ram as Greek-Georgian myth of Argonauts state, but we do mining of real altcoins on the ground.

Become part of the legend!

ICO starts on 15 August 2017, 12:00 EDT.

Do not miss your chance! 

Golden Fleece Token – invest in green & transparent cryptocurrency mining!

Date: 17 July - 2017

Our token on waves platform:
Pre-ICO sale starts on July 14!
Don’t miss early investment chance!

Project capital target 50-65 mln USD.

Mining DataCenter will be built on Black Sea coastline in Georgia. Energy will be derived only from green sources: hydropower, wind and solar. Energy cost ~ 6 $ cents / kwh. Company financials will be audited on quarterly bases by BIG4 audit company. All financial statements and wallets will be published on website!

Profits will be distributed by means of token repurchase scheme (>2% monthly).


Electricity Price in Georgia

Date: 16 July - 2017

Electric Power Plants. 

There are two principal sources for generating electricity in Georgia: Hydroelectric power plants (HPPs) – the primary source of electricity with 80% of generation, and thermal power plants (TPPs) with 20%. The largest source of power generation is the Enguri HPP, which is responsible for more than third of all power generated in the country. The Enguri HPP, along with the Vardnili HPP, that have large dams and can

respond to change in demand, are considered as regulatory plants. Enguri HPP is state owned company and has extremely low tariff which drives down average cost of electricity in the country.

ESCO (Electricity System Commertial Operator) is a state-owned company and its functions include trading with balance electricity and guaranteed capacity, setting up and operating unified database, etc.

You can find historical price of balancing electricity from ESCO webpage. Prices are given in Georgian Tetri which is 1/100 of Lari (GEL). At the time of writing USD/GEL exchange rate is 2.4, you can find latest official exchange rates here. In 2016 average wholesale price of balancing electricity (which is higher than market price) was 4.48 USD cents per kw/h.

Pre-ICO sale finished!

Date: 15 August - 2017

Our pre-ICO sale with the promotional price of 0.2$ per GFL token was finished on July 30.

If you happened to miss this opportunity don’t worry! You can still participate in an individual sale out of the ICO campaign.
We have 8 million coins allocated for selling directly to large investors for 0.5$ per GFL token.

You can book your purchase by directly contacting us.
You can also buy GFL tokens from Waves Decentralized Exchange sold by early adopters and investors (490,000 tokens are in circulation as of 31.07.2017).
In the meantime, we will be preparing for our 1st stage of our ICO on August 15!

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Vakhtang Gogokhia

Co-Founder & Ceo

Shota Metreveli

Chief Counsel

David Beraia

IT Infrastructure Architect

Nika Sakvarelidze

Investor Relations Lead

Leon Lim

Procurement Lead

Levan Kuchava

Tax Advisor

Zurab Kerdzevadze

Project Manager

Beka Tomashvili

Blockchain Consultant

George Van Den Berg

Renewable Energy Expert

Lasha Ramishvili

Marketing Head

David Kobalia

Business Development Lead

Nikoloz Khidureli

General Adviser



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